Welcome Readers!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Since this is my first blog post, I’ll keep it short and tell you what you can expect when you come to this page.

First, you can expect updates on my writing. That could mean information on my current writing projects, story ideas I’m considering, insight into my writing process, or anything else that I think might be of interest.

Second, I plan to post the occasional book review. My goal here is to share recommendations while also making you aware of possible objectionable content. I want to help you find good books to read or to pass along to friends and family.

Third, I’ll write about things that I like that aren’t books. This could be almost anything – stores, movies, music, places, people.

Fourth, you’ll find fun! By this I mean, a post might contain just a picture I’ve taken with a clever caption or it might be a Top 5 list that I’ve come up with.

The bottom line is that by coming to this page, you’ll learn more about me as a person and not just as an author. I’m still getting my website up and going, so please be patient with me.

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