Sweet Treats

For Brenna Rutherford, baking is both science and art. Her practical mind can appreciate following directions – add this, mix that, bake at this temperature. Each step, each ingredient is essential. Otherwise the end result will be a disaster. But at the same time, it is an art form. Each cake, each cookie is a unique creation – even if you’re following the directions to the T. A finely decorated cake (or cupcake) can make a person whip out their camera and snap a photo before cutting into it. It’s edible art. Bringing these sometimes competing philosophies into harmony is something that appeals to Brenna’s nature.

And while Honey B’s may be a fictional place, the people of Mount Vernon are fortunate enough to have a tasty bakery in their midst. When I visited the town last November, I was over the moon when I discovered the Pink Cupcake Bakery on Main Street, not too far from where I’d envisioned Honey B’s.

Of course, I had to go in.

First off, the place is charming. From its pink decor to cupcake-inspired artwork, I was in love. It may not be a very big place, but it has a warm feel that welcomes you in, offers you something yummy to eat, and begs you to sit a spell.

IMG_0312I would like to sit in that chair, read, and eat cupcakes all day.

Second, the cupcakes are pretty darn good, and I’ve had my fair share. My friend and I ended up getting four to sample – two for sharing and two for hoarding. The cupcakes we purchased were all filled – chocolate cake with a peanut butter center, chocolate cake with a Bavarian cream, red velvet cake with a fudge center, and chocolate cake with a cherry center. We shared the peanut butter and the Bavarian cream – I would recommend both. I hoarded the cherry and wished that I had about a dozen more. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the red velvet cupcake because my friend refused to share, which I think is kind of mean. However, it does give me a reason to go back. And I WILL go back. There are so many other flavors to try.

IMG_0316The Bavarian cream cupcake had a bee on it!

Fact: I have thought about these cupcakes on a regular basis since November. If you’re in the Mount Vernon area and have some time to spare, stop by the Pink Cupcake Bakery (http://thepinkcupcakebakery.com)¬†and eat a cupcake for me.

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  1. Aren’t bakeries just special? We used to have one in Lincoln called the Corner Cakery where we could find delicious iced cookies and other sweet delicacies. Brenna’s workplace sounds just as delightful. It was great having Mitch help her bake what was to be his birthday cake. Chocolate with chocolate! Superb! Just love these mysteries–sure hope I can manage to wait until the next one is released. It’s like the suspense when we had to wait for the next school term with Harry Potter! You have a super imagination and great talent to put the story into our hearts. Thanks, Ann, for sharing Mount Vernon with us!

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