Sweet Treats

For Brenna Rutherford, baking is both science and art. Her practical mind can appreciate following directions – add this, mix that, bake at this temperature. Each step, each ingredient is essential. Otherwise the end result will be a disaster. But at the same time, it is an art form. Each cake, each cookie is a unique creation – even if you’re following the directions to the T. A finely decorated cake (or cupcake) can make a person whip out their camera and snap a photo before cutting into it. It’s edible art. Bringing these sometimes competing philosophies into harmony is something that appeals to Brenna’s nature.

And while Honey B’s may be a fictional place, the people of Mount Vernon are fortunate enough to have a tasty bakery in their midst. When I visited the town last November, I was over the moon when I discovered the Pink Cupcake Bakery on Main Street, not too far from where I’d envisioned Honey B’s.

Of course, I had to go in.

First off, the place is charming. From its pink decor to cupcake-inspired artwork, I was in love. It may not be a very big place, but it has a warm feel that welcomes you in, offers you something yummy to eat, and begs you to sit a spell.

IMG_0312I would like to sit in that chair, read, and eat cupcakes all day.

Second, the cupcakes are pretty darn good, and I’ve had my fair share. My friend and I ended up getting four to sample – two for sharing and two for hoarding. The cupcakes we purchased were all filled – chocolate cake with a peanut butter center, chocolate cake with a Bavarian cream, red velvet cake with a fudge center, and chocolate cake with a cherry center. We shared the peanut butter and the Bavarian cream – I would recommend both. I hoarded the cherry and wished that I had about a dozen more. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the red velvet cupcake because my friend refused to share, which I think is kind of mean. However, it does give me a reason to go back. And I WILL go back. There are so many other flavors to try.

IMG_0316The Bavarian cream cupcake had a bee on it!

Fact: I have thought about these cupcakes on a regular basis since November. If you’re in the Mount Vernon area and have some time to spare, stop by the Pink Cupcake Bakery (http://thepinkcupcakebakery.com)¬†and eat a cupcake for me.

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