New Book, New Covers

As many of you know, Sweet Tooth, the fifth book in the Brenna Rutherford Mysteries series, hit the shelf last month. While that in itself is notable, it might catch your eye for another reason. Namely, the cover art. Isn’t it deliciously creepy?

Sweet Tooth_final

Over the summer, I made the decision to repackage my series with new cover art. I found Clarissa Filice through Deviant Art. She was great to work with, and I’m quite pleased with what she came up with.

Seeing Red Cover_Final

The Haunting of Mitch Hamilton Cover_final

On Ice Cover_Final

The Envy Trap Final


And yes, she’s already got the covers for books 6 and 7 done but you can’t see them yet! If you’d like to see more of her work, visit her gallery at:

I want to thank Kathaleena Simonetta for all of the work she did on my original covers. If she hadn’t been there for me, I would probably have six unpublished books on my hard drive right now. Thank you, Kathy!


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