It’s Release Time!

After months of waiting (for you) and editing (for me), On Ice will be available for purchase on Amazon this coming week. This is the third book in the Brenna Rutherford Mysteries series. All the characters you love and love to hate are back and facing a rather uniquely dressed foe. Romance, intrigue, and stun batons all collide in this holiday mystery. Get your copy this week!


I also have another book coming out in October. It’s called Dark Deeds and it’s not connected to the Brenna series. You’ll notice some major differences in the writing style and themes. As the name suggests, it’s dark. At the heart of the story is the battle between Good and Evil and the importance of protecting your soul. I don’t believe in pulling punches when it comes to portraying Evil (though I readily agree there are various shades of it, some darker and more severe than others), and this book is evidence of that. But if you know me at all, you’ll know that I never allow darkness to win. There is always hope and Good always overcomes. So remember that as you read the book. Here’s the synopsis and cover art:

Three months ago, Sarah Drake’s best friend, Giselle Rochester, disappeared without a trace. Now Sarah must navigate the treacherous waters of Garfield Preparatory School alone, which would be difficult enough for a scholarship student, but she’s also captured the unwanted attention of Giselle’s twin brother Damien – a dangerous predator who gives cruelty a new meaning. Surviving school would be impossible were it not for Mac Prescott, who’s determined to stand between Sarah and Damien in Giselle’s absence.

When she starts having dreams about her missing friend, Sarah and Mac begin their own search for the truth. Secrets confront the pair on every side, and some are much darker than Sarah’s hidden feelings for Mac. The more she learns, the more she is convinced that Giselle and Damien are anything but normal teenagers and that the power struggle between them is still alive and well. And as the danger increases, there’s more on the line than Sarah’s life. She just might lose her soul.







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