Brenna Rutherford Mysteries

Brenna Rutherford Mysteries is my first published book series. These books, and the mysteries contained therein, revolve around a high school senior named Brenna and her life in Mount Vernon, Ohio. There are seven books in the series, each centered around one of the seven deadly sins.

Book 1: Seeing Red – on sale now!

Book 2: The Haunting of Mitch Hamilton – on sale now!

Book 3: On Ice – on sale now!

Book  4: The Envy Trap – on sale now!

Book 5: Sweet Tooth – on sale now!

Book 6: The Pin-Up Girls – on sale now!

Book 7: The Rutherford Gambit – on sale now!

Seeing Red: It’s senior year, and someone’s declared open season on bullies. From advanced classes to college entrance essays to baking cakes, Brenna Rutherford’s got a lot on her plate with the start of her senior year. The last thing she needs to worry about is the pipe-wielding maniac causing chaos on campus. But after getting a little too close for comfort to the violence, Brenna, along with her best friend, Van Vaughn, is determined to find out who’s responsible. Is it pathetic, much-abused Benny McBride; arrogant Cameron Irby, Brenna’s intellectual foe; or someone much closer to her? One thing is for certain – Brenna and Van must uncover the truth and stop the angry villain before the unthinkable occurs.


Seeing Red Cover_Final

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The Haunting of Mitch Hamilton: With the Dark Avenger no longer a threat, life has returned to normal for everyone – except Mitch Hamilton. He just can’t seem to shake the young, unknown blonde who’s made herself an unnerving presence in his life. With the Halloween Carnival right around the corner, Mitch is already under enough strain, and he turns to Brenna for help. Along with Van’s assistance, the couple fabricates a romantic relationship designed to draw out the stalker. But as the lines between fake and real romance become blurry, it is Brenna who becomes the focus of Mitch’s Mystery Girl. As strange occurrences pile up, Van is convinced that they might not be dealing with a flesh and blood girl after all and that the real danger may be much closer than they think.

The Haunting of Mitch Hamilton Cover_final

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On Ice: Brenna Rutherford wants two things for Christmas: distraction from obsessing over her break-up with Mitch and alleviation of her fears of Abraham’s deception. Thankfully, a series of charity fundraisers, hosted by the ASB, provides her with some amusement – especially when Van is chosen to be a participant in the highly anticipated bachelor auction. But all is not merry and bright in Mount Vernon. A festive thief armed with a stun baton is robbing Brenna’s classmates where they work. Her decision to keep her investigation on the sidelines is put to the test when one of her friends becomes a victim. As events unfold, it becomes evident that there may be more going on than simple robberies. Is the thief using Brenna to send a message to someone close to her? With romance finding its way into Van’s life, an ex-boyfriend intent on winning her back, and a stun-happy thief, it’s anything but a silent night for Brenna.

On Ice Cover_Final

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The Envy Trap: It’s the worst winter Mount Vernon has seen in decades, and the Big One – the epic blizzard that the weatherman has been predicting for weeks – has finally hit, making virtual prisoners of the town’s residents. Abraham is forced to come to terms with his deception and his deteriorating relationship with Brenna while being snowed in with the one person he can’t afford to get close to. Stuck at the police station, Duke must decide between a future with Kelly and the life he loves. Trapped in the Woodward Opera House, Brenna and Van must stay one step ahead of a killer holding a grudge against Van for stepping into the coveted role vacated by an injured Nick Anders. In one night, loyalties will be tested, secrets will be revealed, and everything will change.

The Envy Trap Final

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 Sweet Tooth: Bones and relationships have mended in the months following the blizzard, and now Brenna is ready to learn about Abraham’s history with Clayton Finn. Even as she gains new insight into the dark mind of the nefarious Puppet Master, life takes an unexpected turn for the worst when several people, including her uncle, end up in the hospital after eating cakes she made. Is it food poisoning or is there something more sinister at work? As far as her classmates are concerned, Brenna is trouble and some are eager to punish her. Could that be the intention of Finn and his puppet or is there a bigger target centered in the crosshairs? Sprinkle in an insecure boyfriend, the return of his domineering father and neglectful mother, the pressure to choose a college, and Brenna’s got a recipe for disaster.

Sweet Tooth_final

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The Pin-Up Girls: There’s never been any love lost between Brenna Rutherford and Alexis Rydell. When Brenna discovers the cheerleader unconscious and naked while out for a morning run, she can’t help but wonder if Finn and his puppet are behind it. Alexis certainly isn’t interested in Brenna’s offer of help. But after nude photos of Alexis in provocative poses show up in lockers at school, the two girls form an uneasy alliance to bring the perpetrator to justice. That task is more complicated than it might seem, especially when other girls fall victim to the same crime. How do you find the guilty party when every guy has sex on the brain? And while the culprit might be targeting would-be Prom Queens, he has an unnatural obsession with Brenna, and he’s not the type of guy who takes no for an answer.

The Pin-Up Girls Final

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 The Rutherford Gambit: Brenna Rutherford has plenty of reasons to smile. She’s graduating as valedictorian, preparing for a long-awaited trip to Italy, and finally in love. But as the end of her senior year approaches, so does the final chapter of Finn’s deadly game. Nothing can prepare her for Mitch’s return and Abraham’s abduction. Embarking on a dangerous hunt, Brenna must unravel Finn’s clues in order to find her uncle. But as Brenna and her friends get closer to the end, Brenna realizes that this may be one battle that she has to fight on her own. One thing’s for certain – death is coming to Mount Vernon.

The Rutherford Gambit Final_RGB

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